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Valcom Div of TRI Inc. offers a complete range of fluid metering equipment and services, including design and fabrication. Valcom has become one of the leading suppliers of custom and semi-custom products for the water treatment and chemical  industries. Our Indico® brand line is available in PVC, Acrylic, Glass and FEP materials. Because Valcom is able to provide all aspects of a part design and manufacturing, we are also able to maintain the highest level of quality control. We can answer most of your questions regarding project status, delivery schedules immediately, and a customer request for changes is responded to without delay.   Valcom Div of TRI is located in Walpole, Massachusetts, when we first opened our doors on August 23, 1983 we had one employee and less than 1200 square feet of manufacturing space. Today with 17,000 square feet of manufacturing space we continue to maintain the same commitment to quality and customer satisfaction which has become the cornerstone of our success.

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Since 1983