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INDICO BRAND Model 87000

Pulsation Dampener



- Available with PVC, ST ST or Teflon - Pump capacities to 1200 gals/hr - Resistant to most chemicals - Pressure ratings to 150PSI - 3 Compact sizes - Double isolation - Wetted flanges - Economical


INDICO© brand pulsation dampeners offer the lowest cost protection to your sensitive process meters and piping by eliminating up to 95% of the pressure fluctuations caused by positive displacement pumps. This low cost pulsation dampener mounts easily onto any pump line through a simple tee connection, and can be removed for repair without dismantling the system. When mounted on the suction side of a metering pump the dampener can be used as an accumulator to eliminate cavitation resulting from inadequate fluid supply.


Pulsation dampeners Valcom series 87000 are constructed with two media compatible reinforced rolling diaphragms, complete with air charging valve and gauge. Body and wetted flanges. Contact us for additional information or pricing on this or any of our other fine products, including calibration columns, electronic valve failsafes, Position indicators etc.
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Pulsation Dampeners

Eliminates pipe damage caused by positive

displacement pumps and rapidly closing valves