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The Indico Model 179 closed frame mounts over the shaft and visibly shows the position of the valve at all times. The materials used in the construction of the indicator are corrosion resistant and the driving parts require no lubrication. The pointer windows is manufactured of clear Polycarbonate break resistant material. All legends appear in large letters on a contrasting background for easy visibility.


Manufactured from corrosion resistant materials. Rugged cast aluminum housing Clear Polycarbonate shatter proof indicator window Requires no lubrication Low cost easy to install Easy to read indicator, shows position of valve, disc, gate or ball Designed to fit standard 5” street box with adapter Can be mounted on floor-stands



Open or Closed frame styles Turn ratios from 1:1 to 600:1 Clockwise or Counterclockwise rotation Custom couplings 2” AWWA drive nuts 2” AWWA nut pockets Stem extensions and bonnets Valve box adapters and covers Floor-Stands


The 179-LP Position Indicator is designed to allow installation in any standpipe without the necessity for a VBA. It can also be removed if required, and because of its ability to fit entirely inside the pipe it eliminates the necessity for precise calculations of stem extension lengths.


Eliminate the need for VBAs or risers Wedgelock system locks unit securely in place Eliminates need for precise fitting of stem extensions Fits any valve box with a minimum 6-1/8" ID Can be used with locking covers Can be removed without digging up pavement Gear ratios to 900:1 Drop in installation, no accessories required Manufactured from corrosion resistant materials Sealed against dust and dirt, suitable for in-ground installations Fits existing installations
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Position Indicators

Provides a continuous visual indication of valve position