Machine Design
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Complete Machine Design and Manufacturing Services

CONCEPT / DESIGN Our engineers, designers and machinists turn your ideas into reality through the combined application of years of experience and the most advanced computer technologies available. The basic strength of all equipment design lies in the quality of the components which make up the the total product. Tooling Research expert machinists and highly-skilled toolmakers are dedicated to this philosophy and the results are reflected in the most dependable machinery available in the market. Tooling Research Inc. considers the quality of service as important as the quality of the product. Customer satisfaction is not just a company goal.... it is our commitment! After we are done designing your system and you give us the OK! We will start the process of manufacturing those controls, with top of the line components that will bring your project from simple lines on a piece of paper to a full working model. A complete set of electrical drawings and operators manual will be delivered to you when your project is done and ready. By performing all aspects of the manufacturing process In-House, we guarantee to deliver the machine you order.
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