After we are done designing your system and with your approval, we will start the process of manufacturing those controls, with top of the line components that will bring your project from simple lines on a piece of paper to a full working model. A complete set of electrical drawings and operators manual will be delivered to you when your project is done and ready.
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Experience, dedication and expertise are the right combination to produce TOP QUALITY control panels. Tooling Research Inc. manufactures a great variety of electrical control systems, providing quality craftsmanship and timely delivery at competitive prices.

Tooling Research Inc. is a Massachusetts company dedicated to Machine and Electrical controls design.

* Engineering * Manufacturing * Applications * Programming * Installations Tooling Research Inc. offers a complete services for the design, manufacturing and testing of industrial control panels. With a dedicated staff of professional manufacturing personnel Tooling Research Inc. constructs custom or pre-designed control panels for both end-users and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Photo Album Photo Album * We understand your project! * We design your project! *We build your project! * We test your project! * We install your project!